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A sandbox idle arcade game with building and crafting elements. The setting of the project is space fantasy. The game is designed for a wide audience.



Key value: seamless onboarding, skill-rewarding gameplay, Easy to Learn, but Hard to Master!

Storyline Planets

As players advance through the story, they get access to new planets, buildings, activities, and characters to interact with.

Players owned Galaxy

Galaxies in Pocket Space belong to players: visit unique planets and extract resources alone or with friends.

PvP Arena

Explore deep space and discover distant planets used as PvP battlefields.

PvE Dungeons

Send your character to the darkest dungeons full of resources and valuable assets.



Explore the vast universe of planets, where you will mine and gather resources to craft unique equipment

Story &
players owned planets
Play to own
Play to own

The game represents a truly player-oriented model of In-game Asset ownership that is FUN.

Farm planets

Visit other players' planets to mine necessary resources, complete tasks, and earn rewards and chests.

Seasonal Competitions

Compete in different game modes, climb leaderboards, and get rewarded with in-game resources and assets.

Trade your assets

Pocket Space has a public marketplace where players can trade their assets for in-game currency.

Game Room Planets

Visit other players' planets and invite them to check out yours. Collect rare resources alone or with others to create items or participate in PvP Battles with bets.

Core  team
Core  team

We're lifetime gamers and veterans of game development, AI and publishing.

Mikita Khazau

Game genius 🧠

Founder and Producer at AppsHub – πŸ”₯350M+ installs

πŸ”₯5 super hits in global
(Sushi Roll, Blender, Merge Animals etc.)

Aleksandr Krivolap
Head of AI

Tech entrepreneur &
πŸ€– AI Solutions Architect

πŸ”₯ 10 years in TECH
πŸ”₯ 6 years in AI & ML

Previously EPAM, Workfusion,
πŸ”₯ PandaDoc (unicorn SaaS)

Yuri Zaytsev

7+ years experience
in software development

Previously Solutions
Architect at πŸ”₯PandaDoc

πŸ”₯CTO at GetTransfer.com

Alexander Korchagin

πŸ”₯ Started as a Game Designer in 2009

πŸ”₯ Marketing Director/CMO for 12 years

πŸ”₯ Former Marketing Director Zeptolab

Dzianis Krupski

πŸ”₯8+ years experience
in game dev

Previously Vizor
(developed AAA games)

Co-founder and Producer
at Tasty - πŸ”₯hit in global

Guntis P
Gaming Advisor

Co-founder at Estoty
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯1+ billion of installs

Chelushkin Andrey
Unity Developer

πŸ”₯8+ years of experience
in game dev

Previously: GDCompany, Andiks5+ global releases,
πŸ”₯50M+ installs
(Steel Rage, Pacific Warships, Grand Wars, Death Point)

Alexander Tikhomirov
Unity Developer

πŸ”₯6+ years of experience
in game dev

Previously: Game Insight (Mystery Manor: 10M+ installs, 620K reviews)

Valentin Kirillov
Tech Art Lead

πŸ”₯ 10+ years of experience
in game dev

Previously Gamespire
and Vizor Games

Techart Lead in more than 10 released mobile and PC games

Pavel Ausiyevich
UX Designer

πŸ”₯7+ years experience in UX

Working with high-load interfaces

Head of Design for 3 released products

Phase 1
Game Design
Team Creation
Phase 2
PvP Prototype
Building community
PvE closed Alpha
Phase 3
PvP on Planets
Phase 4
UGC platform & Launchpad
Metaverse launch
Token Launch
Our gamesOur games

We represent the leaders in hyper casual games market

DNA Evolution 3D
Merge Animals
Blend it 3D
Sush Roll

Top-tier players bet on our success

Our vacancies Our vacancies

At Pocket Space we are passionate about creating the best gaming experience possible - this is our mission, and we power the people who share it.

Open positions
  • 3D AI Generalist
  • Technical Game Designer
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& Asset Offering!



We asked top questions from players every week

What is Pocket Space?

Pocket Space is the first idle arcade play-to-own game that has a multiplayer mode.
Players can admire our space fantasy setting and explore the game's economy through extracting resources, constructing buildings, creating items, defeating bosses, and visiting planets.

Pocket Space is Play-to-Own: the game is a universe full of planets that belong to players. Without any investment, you can:

  • play and own lands
  • invite other players to your planets or visit other players' planets to gather resources
  • defeat bosses together or challenge each other

You can find more information about Pocket Space in our White Paper:

Who are the founders of Pocket Space?

Pocket Space is being developed by Hexacore partnered with Estoty. Our studio has launched 5 mobile games on the global market, reaching more than 250 million installs in total.The game uses the experience of the popular mobile project My Little Universe (developed by Estoty).

To create our product, we studied Estoty's My Little Universe. The founders of Hexacore have extensive experience in both Web2 and Web3.

When will the Alpha be released? On which platforms will it be available?

The Alpha version is planned for early August 2022. The game will be available on Android and iOS.

How can I download Pocket Space?

If you want to get whitelisted in the Alpha version / If you want to test the Alpha version / If you want to get whitelisted in the Alpha version, leave your email and Discord ID on our (website).

We’ll choose the first 300, then 2000 and finally 10000 users to participate in Alpha. Your chances to get into the Alpha test will be higher if you make a Twitter repost.

Where can I stay up to date on the project?

The best way to stay tuned to our development process is to follow us on our social media platforms linked below and be active on our Discord. We also publish updates on our


What platform is Pocket Space on?

We want to make Web3 gaming as widely available as possible, so Pocket Space will be released on Web, Android, and iOS.

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