The Pocket Space team invites you to venture beyond your Home Planet and embark on a journey to the first story planet!

Note that the current version of Closed Alpha is only available for Android and iOS users. The PC/Mac (Web) version will be released later.

All the content in Alpha should be considered work in progress. Join the Pocket Space Discord Closed Alpha section to share your feedback or send bug reports — it will help us improve the game!

To get started, open the Alpha build app:

App Store App Store App Store

How to report bugs:

1. Go to the Alpha Discord Server
2. Verify you’re a human in #verify
3. Visit the Closed Alpha section, #bug-reports channel
4. Please make sure to mention: your device model, country, how often you encounter a bug, and steps to reproduce the bug
5. If the bug is graphical, take screenshots or, if possible, record a video and attach it to your report – a picture’s worth a thousand words when it comes to glitches